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PLC with HMI

10 PNP Inputs, 8 Transistor Outputs, 24VDC

Integration of OP330 with PLC series XC3

XC3 PLC Documentation
Technical Manual for XP3-18
Programming software


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General technical specification for val_pn PLC with HMI
PLC Specifications
Program execution modeLoop scan format, time scan format
Program format Instruction, C language and ladder chart
Processing speed0.3μs
Power cut retainingUse Flash ROM and Li battery
User program’s capacity128KB
Interior coil’s points (M)8768
Timer (T)Points640
Specification100ms0.1 – 3276.7s
10ms0.01 – 327.67s
1ms0.001 – 32.767s
Counter (C)Points640
Specification16 bitK0 – 32767
32 bitK0 – 2147483647
Data register (D)9024 words
Floating Point MathematicsYES
FlashROM register (FD)2048 words
High speed functionsHigh speed count, pulse output, external interruption
Setting of time scan space0 – 99ms
Password protection6 bit ASCII
Self diagnosisPower-on self test, monitoring timer, grammar check
HMI Specifications
Screen TypeYellow-Green LCD
Display area192 x 64
Buttons26 programmable
FontLattice font, vector font
ROM64 KB Flash
Use lifeOver 20000 hours, 25°C, 24 hours operating
Name Rule
□ □ □ – □ – □ □ – □ □ – □
   1       2      3       4     5
1Series name: XP or XMP
2PLC type
1: XC1
2: XC2
3: XC3
3I/O points
18: Input 10 / Output 8 points
4Output type NPN
R: Relay output, T: Transistor output, RT: Relay &Transistor output
Output type PNP
PR: Relay output, PT: Transistor output, PRT: Relay &Transistor output
5E: Power supply 220VAC
C: Power supply 24VDC
Electrical Specification
Input voltage12VDC – 24VDC
Power Consumption10W
Insulated impedance About 10MΩ, 500VDC (between signal and ground)
Endurable voltage1000VAC / 10MA for 1 minute (between signal and ground)
Storage temperature-10 – 60°C
Operation temperature0 – 50°C
Ambient humidity20 – 85% (no condensation)
COM1RS232 download port
COM2RS485 communication port
Input Specification
Input signal voltage 24VDC ±10%
Input signal current7mA 24VDC
Input ON current> 4.5mA
Input OFF current< 1.5mA
Input response time< 10ms
Input signal formatNPN or PNP
Circuit insulationOptical coupling insulation
Input action displayLED is ON when input ON
Output Specification

Relay OutputTransistor Output
Interior powerAC250V, DC30V5VDC – 30VDC
Circuit insulationMechanism insulationOptical coupling insulation
Max loadResistant load3A0.8A
Induce load80VA12W 24VDC
Lamp load100W1.5W 24VDC
Minimal load2mA 5VDC
Response timeOFF→ON10ms< 0.2ms
ON→OFF10ms< 0.2ms

Main Features

Power Supply24VDC
PNP Inputs10
NPN InputsNo
Analog InputsNo
Transistor Outputs8
Servo AxesN/A
Relay OutputsNo
Analog OutputsNo
Dimensions (H x W x D)121mm x 172mm x 56.5mm
CSV DataNo

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