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PLC with HMI

16 PNP Inputs, 2 Transistor Outputs, 12 Relay Outputs, 24VDC

Integration of Touch panel TH765 (7") with PLC series XC3-30

XC3 PLC Documentation
USB driver for Win-XP and Win7-32bit
USB driver for Win7-64bit
TH Manual
Programming software
TouchWin protocol

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General technical specification for val_pn PLC with HMI
PLC Specifications
Program execution modeLoop scan format, time scan format
Program format Instruction, ladder chart, visual C
Processing speed0.3μs
Power cut retainingUse Flash ROM and Li battery
User program’s capacity128KB
High speed pulse output Y0, Y1, max speed is 200kHz
External interruptionX2, X5, X10
Interior coil’s points (M)8768
Timer (T)Points640
Specification100ms0.1 – 3276.7s
10ms0.01 – 327.67s
1ms0.001 – 32.767s
Counter (C)Points640
Specification16 bitK0 – 32767
32 bitK0 – 2147483647
Data register (D)9024 words
Floating Point MathematicsYES
FlashROM register (FD)2048 words
High speed functionsHigh speed count, pulse output, external interruption
Setting of time scan space0 – 99ms
Password protection6 bit ASCII
Self diagnosisPower-on self test, monitoring timer, grammar check
HMI Specifications
Screen Type65536 colors LCD
Touch mode4-wire resistance touch mode
Display area800 x 480
Buttons12 programmable
FontAny font and size
Memory128 MB
Use lifeOver 20000 hours, 25°C, 24 hours operating
Name Rule
□ □ □ – □ □ – □ □ □ – □
 1         2         3       4
1Series name: XMH
2I/O points
30:16 input 14 output
3Output type NPN
R: Relay output, T: Transistor output
Output type PNP
PR: Relay output, PT: Transistor output
4E: Power supply 220VAC
C: Power supply 24VDC
Electrical Specification
Power Consumption10W
Insulated impedance About 10MΩ, 500VDC (between signal and ground)
Interference immunity 1000V 1uS pulse per minute
Storage temperature-10 – 60°C
Operation temperature0 – 50°C
Ambient humidity20 – 85% (no condensation)
Input Specification
Input signal voltage 24VDC ±10%
Input signal current7mA 24VDC
Input ON current> 4.5mA
Input OFF current< 1.5mA
Input response time< 10ms
Input signal formatNPN or PNP
Circuit insulationOptical coupling insulation
Input action displayLED is ON when input ON
Output Specification

Relay OutputTransistor Output
Interior powerAC250V, DC30V5VDC – 30VDC
Circuit insulationMechanism insulationOptical coupling insulation
Action denoteLED indicate lamp
Max loadResistant load3A0.8A
Induce load80VA12W 24VDC
Lamp load100W1.5W 24VDC
Minimal load2mA 5VDC
Response timeOFF→ON10ms< 0.2ms
ON→OFF10ms< 0.2ms

Main Features

Power Supply24VDC
PNP Inputs16
NPN InputsNo
Analog InputsNo
Transistor Outputs2
Servo AxesN/A
Relay Outputs12
Analog OutputsNo
Dimensions (H x W x D)186.8mm x 204.2mm x 59.2mm
CSV DataNo

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