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Incubator Controller

Temperature and Humidity Sensor, 7 Signal Output, Alarm x 4, Egg Turing 220VAC

Microcomputer-based incubator controller is stable and reliable, time-saving, labor-saving, and easy-to-use.

XM-18 Technical Manual


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General technical specification for XM-18 automatic computer control incubator
Main Features
Temperature Measuring Range0 – 99°C
Temperature Measurement Accuracy±0.1°C
Humidity Measurement Range0 – 99%RH
Humidity Accuracy±3%RH
Number of signal-output7 (over-temperature, temperature control, insufficient temperature, egg left-turning, egg right-turning,
humidity control, alarm)
The maximum output load current7 - temperature control, insufficient temperature < 8A/AC220V, over-emperature, egg left-turning,
egg right-turning, humidity control, alarm, < 1A/ AC22
Number of egg-turningThe maximum record is 999 times
Cycle of egg-tumingAdjustment of 0-999 minutes (the factory default is 90 minutes)
Egg-turning TimeAdjustment from 0 to 999 seconds (the factory default is 180 seconds)
Ventilation CycleFrom 0 to 999 minutes (the factory default is 120 minutes)
Ventilation TimeFrom 0 to 999 seconds (the factory default is 30 seconds)
Temperature Measurement LengthAbout 2 meters
Power SupplyAC 160V -240V, 50HZ
AmbientTemperature: -10°C – 60°C Humidity: <85% RH
XM-18 Wiring

Main Features

Power Supply160 - 240VAC 50Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)80mm x 160mm x 100mm
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