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Programmable Logic Controller

14 PNP Inputs, 2 Transistor Outputs, 8 Relay Outputs, 24VDC

Standard, easy-to-use and flexible PLC

XC3 Cerificate of Conformity


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General technical specification for XC3 programmable logic controllers
Main Features
ModelXC1-16XC1-24 / XC3-32XC1-32 / XC3-60
Program Operation ModeLoop scanning Mode, time scanning Mode
Program ModeLadder, Instruction list, C
Dispose Speed0.5μs
Power Failure HoldingFlash ROM
User Program Capacity2000 steps8000 steps
Inputs810 / 1426 / 36
Outputs614 /1820 / 24
ExpansionNoneMaximum 7 Expansion Modules
COM3NoneCOM BD Modul
Impulse Output2 x Transistor
Interrupt Inputs13
Internal Coils Points (M)8512
Timer (T)Points80
Specification100msSet Time 0.1~3276.7 seconds
10msSet Time 0.01~327.67 seconds
1msSet Time 0.001~32.767 seconds
Counter (C)Points48
Specification16bitSet Value K0~32767
32bitSet Value K0~2147483647
Data Register (D)8512 words
Floating Point MathematicsYes
Flashrom Register F(D)2048 words
High-Speed Count FormatHigh speed counter, pulse output, exterior interruption
Time Scanning Interval Setting0 – 99ms
Password Protection6 bit ASCII
Self-Diagnose FunctionPower on self-diagnose, monitoring timer, grammar check

Naming Principle
□ □ □ – □ □ – □ □ □ – □
  1         2        3       4
1Series Name XC1/XC3/XCM
2Input/Output Point (10, 14, 16, 24, 32, 48, 60)
3If Input is NPNR: Relay output, T: Transistor output, RT: Relay/Transistor mix output (Y0、Y1 are Transistor)
If Input is PNPPR: Relay output, PT: Transistor output, PRT: Relay/Transistor mix output (Y0, Y1 are Transistor)
4E: AC Power Supply 220VAC
C: DC Power Supply 24VDC

ElectricalPower SupplyE: 220 VAC (90~265)
C: 24 VDC (21,6 – 26,4)
Insulation VoltageTo DC 500V 2MΩ
Noise Resistance1000V 1uS pulse for 1 minute
Storage Temperature-20 – 60°C
Ambient Temperature0 – 60°C
Ambient Humidity5 – 95% (non-condensing)
Auxiliary Power Supply24 VDC ±10% max. 400 mA
InputInput Signal’s Voltage24VDC ±10%
Input Signal’s Current7mA 24VDC
Input On Current> 4.5mA
Input Off Current< 1.5mA
Input Response Time< 10ms
Input Signal’s FormatNPN or PNP
Circuit InsulationPhoto-electricity coupling insulation
Input Action’s DisplayLED light when input ON
OutputTypeRelay OutputTransistor Output
Interior PowerAC250V, DC30V5VDC ~ 30VDC
Circuit InsulationMechanism insulationOptical coupling insulation
Action DenoteLED indicate lamp
Max LoadResistant Load3A0.8A
Induce Load80VA12W 24VDC
Lamp Load100W1.5W 24VDC
Minimal Load2mA 5VDC
Response TimeOFF→ON10ms< 0.2ms
ON→OFF10ms< 0.2ms

XC3 Installation
1Input and power supply terminals
2Input terminal label
3Port to install BD card
6Cover plate for COM port
7Output terminal label
8Output and 24V power terminals
9Output LED
10Port to connect with expansion
11Installation holes
12Screws to install/remove the terminals
13Input LED
14LED Output
15Expansion cable
16Output terminals
17Action LED: PWR (power)
18Port to connect with expansion
19Input & power supply terminals

Main Features

Power Supply24VDC
PNP Inputs14
NPN InputsNo
Analog InputsNo
Transistor Outputs2
Servo AxesN/A
Relay Outputs8
Analog OutputsNo
Dimensions (H x W x D)73.3mm x 139mm x 94mm
CSV DataNo

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