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XC3 PLC Expansion

6 channels K,S,E,N,B,T type thermocouple temperature sampling module, 0.1°C precision, built-in PID function

Analog PLC expansion widely used in the control system of temperature, flow, liquid level, pressure ...



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General technical specification for XC-E6TC-P PLC expansion module
Analog Input SignalK,S,E,N,B,T type thermocouple
Digital Output Bound0 – 10000, 16 bits with sign bit, binary
Control Precision±0,5°C
Conversion Speed100ms × 6 channels
Analog Power24VDC ±10%, 50mA
Installation FormatFixed with M3 screws or directly installed on orbit of DIN46277 (Width: 35mm)
Dimension63 x 102 x 73.3mm

Main Features

Expansion TypeAnalog
Analog Inputs6xK,S,E,N,B,T
NPN InputsNo
PNP InputsNo
Analog OutputsNo
Relay OutputsNo
Transistor OutputsNo
Dimensions (H x W x D)73.3mm x 63mm x 102mm
CSV DataNo

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