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PLC XC BD Module

2 analog inputs (0 – 5VDC or 0 – 10VDC), 2 analog outputs (0 – 20mA or 4 – 20mA), PID function

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General technical specification for val_pn XC PLC BD module
Voltage Input
Analog Input Range0 – 5V or 0 – 10V
Resolution1/16383 (14 bit)
Digital Input Range14bit binary data 0 – 16383
Integrated Precision ±0.8% of the full scale
Transformation Time<15ms per channel
PID Output Value0 – 1023
Current Output
Analog Output Range0 – 20mA or 4 – 20mA (external load resistor is less than 500Ω)
Resolution1/1023 (10 bit)
Digital Output Range10bit binary data 0 – 1023
Integrated Precision±0.8% of the full scale
Transformation Time<3ms per channel
1. Open the cover on the left side of PLC
2. Insert the expansion BD board into the pins
3. Then fix it with the screw, then close the cover.

Main Features

Expansion TypeNo
Analog Inputs2
Analog Outputs2
CSV DataNo

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