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Two Set Values, Batch Counting, Input PNP or NPN, Output 2 x Relay, RS232/RS485, 100–240VAC

Reliable, easy to use and set-up industrial counter with acquisition software and time of 1ms.

Technical Manual for TC-PRO482 Counters
Software for TC-PRO482 Counters


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General technical specification for TC-PRO482 counter series
Main Features
Power Supply100-240VAC 50Hz or 12~24VCD/24VAC
Power Consumption<= 2.4W
Relay Output250VAC 5A
Output Power Supply for Sensor12VDC 15% 80mA
AmbientAmbient temperature -10 ~50°C; Ambient humidity 25~85%RH no icing or condensation
Data Backup10 years, 100000 writes
Input Signal CP1, CP2 (to 5 KHz) Reset1, Reset2 (PNP or NPN type)
Input Impedance>= 10 KΩ
Counting Speed30 Hz or 5KHz
RangeCounter -999999 ~ 999999
Timer to 999.999s (resolution 0.001s)
to 9999.99s (resolution 0.01s)
to 99999.9s (resolution 0.1s)
to 999999s (resolution 1s)
to 9999min59s (resolution 1s)
to 99999.9min (resolution 0.1min)
to 999999min (resolution 1min)
to 9999h59min (resolution 1min)
to 99999.9h (resolution 0.1h)
to 999999h (resolution 1h)
Counting Prescaler000.001~999.999
WiringDimensions (mm)
TC-PRO482 WiringTC-PRO482 Dimensions
TC-PRO482 SoftwareCommunication RS232 or RS485
With this counter PS software can be used for monitoring and parameter adjustment.

Main Features

Mounting Size45x45mm
Power Supply100 – 240VAC 50/60Hz
Display2 x 6 digits
InputPNP / NPN
Input Frequency≤ 5kHz
Output2 x Relay 3A
Set Value2 + Batch
CommunicationRS232 / RS485
Dimensions (H x W x D)48mm x 48mm x 110.5mm
CSV DataNo

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