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Phase Supply Control Relay

3 phase, Output Relay NO and NC 10A 250VAC

Designed to monitor 3 phase supplies and to protect motors and other loads against the faults.

Technical Manual for RSTB


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General technical specification for RSTB phase protection
Main Features
Output RelayNO and NC 10A 250VAC
Power Supply3 phase 350~450VAC 50/60Hz
Mechanical Life10.000.00 operations
Electrical Life100.00 operations at rated load
Ambient Temperature-10 to +60°C
Ambient Humidity45~85%RH
MountingAt DIN rail
IndicationsGreen LED indicates relay state
Red LED indicates fault
WiringDimensions (mm)
RSTB WiringRSTB Dimensions
3 phase supply control relay (Phase sequence relay) is designed to monitor 3 phase supplies and to protect motors and other loads against the faults listed below.
- Monitoring of rotational direction of phases
- Detection of complete failure of one or more of the phases
- Undervoltage detection (-10%)
- Overvoltage detection (+10%)
- Detection of phase asymmetry (imbalance) (±10%)
- Adjustable time delay from 0.1s to 10s
- SPDT 10A 250VAC(Resistive load) switch
The relay operates if any of the conditions occurs.
The relay releases if any of the conditions fails.
There is a Time Delay between the relay action and the condition occurs (except rotational direction of phases error ) to avoid very short interruptions or other momentary failures.
A selector switch allows selection of an adjustable time delay from 0.1s to 10s.
When the supply returns towards its rated value, the relay is re-energised according to the hysteresis value (5%).

Main Features

Dimensions (H x W x D)60mm x 24mm x 58mm

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