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Variable Frequency Driver

0.75 kW, AC Drive 220V, 1 Input Phase

A compact and complete solution to a whole range of industrial motor and machine control applications. Manual included with product.

EDS-V300 Technical Manual

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General technical specification for EDS-V300 vector control inverters
ItemItem description
InputRating volt., frequency3 phase 380V grade: 3 phase 380V ,50Hz/60Hz;
1 phase 220V grade: 1 phase 220V ,50Hz/60Hz
Allowed work volt. range3 phase 380 V grade: 320V~460V
1 phase 220V grade: 200V~260V
OutputVoltage380V grade: 0~380V; 220V grade: 0~220V
FrequencyFrom 0Hz to 400Hz
Over loading capacity150% of rating current for1 minute
200% of rating current for 0.5 second
Control modeUn-speed sensorless current vector control, open loop V/F control
Speed regulation range1 : 100
Start-up torque150% of rating torque at 0.5 Hz frequency
Running speed stable state precision≤±0.5% of rating synchronous speed
Torque limitCurrent control to decomposition torque.set torque in 50%~200%
Frequency precisionDigital setting: max. frequency x ±0.01%
Analog setting: max.frequency x ±0.5%
FrequencyAnalog setting0.1% of max. frequency
resolutionDigital settingprecision : <100Hz 0.01Hz; ≥100hz: 0.1Hz

Exterior impulse0.5% of max. frequency
Torque boostAutomatic torque boost, manual torque boost 0.1%~20.0%
V/F curve (volt. frequency characteristic)Set rating frequency randomly at range of 5~400Hz, can choose constant torque, digressive torque 1, digressive torque 2, digressive torque 3 and user-defined V/F in total 5 kinds of curve
Accelerating decelerating curve2 modes: straight line accelerating decelerating and S curve accelerating decelerating; 7 kinds of accelerating decelerating time (unit minute/second can be optioned), max. time 6000 minutes.
BrakePower consumption brakeInterior or exterior brake resistance
DC brakeOptional start-up and stop, action frequency 0~15Hz, action volt. 0~15%, action time 0~20.0 s
JogJog frequency range: 0.50Hz~50.00Hz; jog accelerating decelerating time 0.1~60.0s can be set
Multi section speed runningRealized by interior PLC or control terminal
Interior PID controllerBe convenient to make closed-loop system
Automatic volt. regulation AVRCan keep constant output volt. When power source voltage varies
Automatic current limitingLimit running current automatically to avoid frequent over-current which will cause trip
Running order specified channelKey pad specified, control terminal specified, serial port specified
Running frequency specified channelDigital provision, analog provision, impulse provision, serial port provision, combined provision, can be switched at any time by kinds of method
Pulse output channelImpulse square wave signal output of 0.1~20KHz, can realize output of physical parameter such as setting frequency, output frequency etc.
Analog output channel2 channel of analog signal output, thereinto AO1 channel can be 4~20mA or 0~10V and AO2 channel is 0~10V; through them the inverter can realize output of physical parameter such as setting frequency, output frequency etc.
KeypadLED displayCan display setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current etc.
Lock the buttonLock all or part of the buttons (analog potentiometer can't be locked)
Protection functionOver-current protection, over-voltage protection, lack-voltage protection, over-heat protection, over-load protection, etc.
Fitting partsBrake subassembly, remote-control keypad, connecting cable for remote-control keypad etc.
AmbientUse ambientIndoor, not bare to sunlight, no dust, no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no oil fog, no vapor, no water drop or salt etc.
AltitudeLower than 1000m, if higher than 1000m, need to reduce amount to use.
Ambient temperature-10ºC~+40ºC(under ambient temperature 40ºC
~50ºC, please reduce the volume or strengthen heat sink)
Ambient humiditySmaller than 95%RH, no condensation water
VibrationSmaller than 5.9m/s²(0.6g)
Storage temperature-40~+70oC
ConfigurationDefending gradeIP20
Cooling modeBy fan with automatic temperature control
Mounting modeWall hanging
Panel DimensionsMounting Sizes (mm)
EDS-V300 Panel DimensionsAval_1EDS-V300 Mounting Sizes

Main Features

Rated Power0.75kW
Product SeriesEDS-V300
TypeVector Control Inverter
PurposeGeneral Purpose
Input Phase1-Phase
Output Phase3-Phase
Output Current4.7A
Input Voltage220V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage3 x 220V
Output Frequency0 – 400Hz
Braking UnitNo
Braking ResistorNo
Matching Braking ResistorNo
Protection RatingIP20
Dimensions (H x W x D)170mm x 125mm x 123.2mm
CSV Data110,160,125,170,123.2,135.5,4#edsv300-panel-dimensions-a.jpg,edsv300-mounting-sizes-a.jpg

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